Point Of Purchase Display


Point of purchase, that ideal juncture where the consumer, their money, and the register converge is a marketer’s dream. Best practice for retail marketing is to engage the consumer at points of decision. A study of consumer behavior conducted by Prime Consulting Group revealed that at-retail advertising drove additional sales higher 70% of the time. What can we learn from this, class? …Point of Purchase Display advertising works, period.

Point of purchase displays can take many forms, from an easel back table top to a simple counter card. Even a basic table tent can serve as a point of purchase tool. The case being made is that when these items are placed, they positively impact revenues.

Display Benefits:

  • Positively Impacts Impulse Buys
  • Strengthens Branding
  • Keeps Your Service or Product Top of Mind
  • Advertises Special Promotions
  • Reminds Customers of your Benefits
  • Increases Market Exposure

Countertop advertising is your friend in the marketplace. Consumers are often standing in line with little to entertain them. Keep this in mind when designing your countertop display. An attention grabbing display will yield ideal results. If you’re ready to get started on your point of sale display, we are prepared to exceed your expectations. Our experienced printing professionals will assist you in getting that sophisticated, polished point of purchase display that generates positive results.

Display Features:

  • Flat Folding for Ease of Use
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Double Wing locking tabs
  • Aqueous Coating
  • Recyclable Materials
  • Finishing Options: High Gloss, Matte
  • Customized Print on Rack Card or Brochure Holders
  • Fine White Micro-flute or Durable Cardboard
  • Branding Graphics
  • Compact Footprint (space-saving)
  • Can be tailored to hold your company literature
  • Custom Designs and shapes available
  • Easel Back structures
  • Counter Card options
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