Mailing Services


Using mailing services is an ideal solution for a successful marketing campaign. Automatic Mailing Machines at Color OnDemand Printing allow you to be able to print and mail your marketing materials such as postcards or folded brochures, in a cost and time effective manner.

We have created a simplified and comprehensive program that helps you print and mail your marketing and advertising materials as a single order without having to pay for each process separately.

  • Using state-of-the-art software, we print the material with the graphics and messages that you choose. The design and layout of the material is entirely up to you, as is the messages that you include.
  • We import your address list into our computer system and print the addresses and customized messages on each individual mailing piece.
  • We will deliver the completed and sorted order to USPS and finally, we will send you a transparent report in regards to this process

Putting A Mailing Campaign Together

  • A successful mailing campaign starts with a purposeful and targeted design and messages. Whether it is greeting cards, flyers, brochures or postcards, make sure that you have the correct messages such a headline, company logo, contact information, primary message and other elements of the mailer piece in place.
  • You can always contact us to get free professional consulting in regards to your mailing design and specifications. After you are done with the design, it’s then time to get your list together. This list could be an existing client list, family member lists, new prospects list or a list of random individuals depending on the purpose of the campaign.
  • Contact Color OnDemand Printing and we will handle the entire process of quality customized printing, addressing & fulfillment and, mailing your campaign in a cost effective manner.

Nowadays, mailing lists could be acquired from various list providers. At Color OnDemand Printing, we help our clients to maximize the effectiveness of their mailing by finding the best lists that suits each of their individual campaign.

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Postage Options

First Class Mail

First class mail is ideal for quick delivery. If your marketing campaign is not urgent, or you are sending out many items, you may want to avoid this as it can increase the postage rate. However, the benefit is that any mail that cannot be delivered will be returned to you, which is a great benefit in a sense that you can save money by erasing those non-relevant addresses from your list for the next mailing campaign. The average delivery time for first class mail is anywhere between one and five days, depending on where you live. Also the cost may vary depending on where you are sending it from and sending it to.

Standard Mail

Standard mail is another less expensive option for mailing services. All of the mailing process originates from USPS center in Ohio. Those in that area will receive the documents anywhere between four and eight days. For the rest of the U.S., it can take 10 to 14 days to receive the mailers. Also keep in mind that near the holidays, it can take much longer. With this method of mailing, undeliverable mail won’t be returned.

Bulk Mail

Bulk mail is referred to larger quantity of mail prepared for mailing at reduced postage cost and in business mailing this term means commercial first-class mail for advertising purposes. It’s a form of standard mail that is suitable if you are sending out large volumes of material.

The prices are lower, due to the fact that mailing company will have to do some of the work such as pre-sorting so the USPS easily delivers the mails without further processing. The time frame for bulk mail is generally the same as other types of standard mail.

Color OnDemand Printing offers mailing services with a consultative approach and 100% satisfaction guaranteed for the entire process.

Contact our professional consultants for printing and mailing your projects and we will gladly guide you through choosing eco friendly & cost effective materials and methods that help maximizing the return of your investment.