Grand Format

The VUTEk GS3250LX Pro with UltraDrop Technology and Material Edge Guides is the flagship of large format inkjet technology. It enables Color OnDemand to print up to 2,400 ft2/hour on both roll and rigid materials for the widest range of customer applications.

Color and Layering:

This exciting new machine prints with 8 channels of pigmented UV cured ink and 2 additional channels of the best white available. Broad color gamut reproduction, ranging from bright saturated colors to light tints and pastels are all reproduced beautifully. Demanding applications that require multiple layers of ink such as back-lits, day/night applications, clear clings and bump colors can all be produced efficiently. Combining layering, white and pigmented ink enables creative use of colored, clear and metallic substrates for a dazzling array of applications and specialty effects.


This printer creates your images with tiny native 7picoliter drops delivering finer text and detail resolution than has been available before. (A picoliter is one trillionth of a liter, so we are imaging with ink drops that are 7×10-12 liters, or what we like to call “tiny”.) In practical application this means details will be sharper, text and logos easier to read and photos will look more like photos.

This is really cool:

Our new printer uses the latest in ink curing technology. High Tech LED UV wavelength energy sources provide virtually instant ink cure at room temperature so we can print on materials that don’t play well with typical UV curing systems. Some examples include very thin materials like Styrene a mere 1/100 of an inch thick, optically clear adhesive films for decorating architectural glass, thin wood veneers and even bubble wrap. Just because our new printer can print on really thin materials doesn’t stop it from printing on thick materials; we can print on darn near anything up to 2″ thick. In addition to thick and thin, there are materials that have been troublesome to print with inkjet because they don’t like to lay flat, like thicker corrugated cardboard. For customers who want to produce short run packaging, standees or displays from single or double wall B or C flute you may have seen this in the past from other printers. This new machine uses an innovative system called Material Edge Guides to hold down these challenging substrates and print them like a champ.

The Environment:

Our new Vutek is environmentally friendly. There are virtually no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s contribute to smog) in the inks. The inks also meet both the North American and European Toy Standards (ASTM F963-08 and EN71-3 respectively). The “cool cure” LED based ink curing system uses 80% less power (Fogra Energy Efficiency Project results) and reduces waste.

Products Offered:

Banners, Car Magnets, Lightboxes, Standees, Digital Wallpaper, Exhibition Graphics, Building Wraps, In-store Decor, Floor Graphics, Window Clings, Vehicle Wraps, Fleet Graphics, Bus Kings, Transit Signage, etc.

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Best Use of Large Format Printing

At Color OnDemand Printing, we offer varieties of large format products such as digital posters with various mounting on foam or PVC boards, gloss laminated display posters, canvases, banners, car wraps, billboard signs, building wraps, window clings, car magnets, polypropylene fabric banners etc. We also offer many finishing options to enhance the physical and visual ascetics of your printed images.
The sky is the limit and you will find that there are a myriad of choices and options for each product made with this method. Any time that you want to display something with quality photographs, colors or images, large banner printing is an excellent option. Color OnDemand Printing offers a specialty large banner printing department.

Large Format Printing and the Environment

Large format printing machines are using digital printing technologies, which are more environmentally friendlier than many other methods of printing. Eliminating aggressive solvents, developing chemicals as well as aluminum printing plates are some of the key environmental benefits of digital printing methods.


At Color OnDemand we have made a commitment to being an eco-conscious printing company. We have taken measurable actions in regards to reducing our eco-footprint by implementing several eco-friendly procedures that cover material consumption, recycling, efficient manufacturing, as well as controlling the usage of material in the plant.

Let us help you to get the most out of your investment in large format printing.

Contact our professional consultants for printing your projects and we will gladly guide you through choosing eco-friendly & cost effective materials that help maximizing the return on your investment.